Line up for Friday night

The Cash Cows are International Musicians & charming, debonair gents reworking favourite songs from the last Century. Their repertoire covers everything from Gershwin to Oasis, Bob Dylan to Beyoncé, Rod Stewart to Ricky Martin, & Elvis to S Club 7. Their music is happily difficult to categorise and playfully impossible to predict but they come with a solid gold guarantee of good times and a very long trail of happy, dancing audiences in their wake.

Playing by special appointment with their 5 piece petit party orchestra their Chalfest show is not one to be missed.

An urban shipwreck waiting to happen! Unshackled by authenticity; worried by water; a rum powered musical carnage !  And be aware, they are on the hunt for backing singers to press gang for this gig. There will be rum, of that there is no doubt.

Stroud’s very own Hillbilly Country boys are here to show y’all good time with their infectious blend of traditional and contemporary songs from The States. With tight vocal harmonies overlaying the rhythmic guitar work of Doctor Slash and Reverend Stretch pickin’ away at the banjo we take folks on a musical journey across the pantheon of American music, from traditional bluegrass and folk to contemporary numbers given the “Tick” treatment. All this backed with the thud of the kick drum means Texas Tick Fever create a surprisingly big and compelling sound for a duo.

Formed during the peak of the 1970s glam rock scene by Elton Arthur ‘Dirk’ Samuel Fandangle Spangle, the Dirk Spangle Five were tipped for big things. However tragedy struck one summers evening at a festival at Barry Island when Elton was struck by a bolt of lightening whilst performing on stage leaving nothing but his charred Abba – esq platform boots. In Dirks memory the four surviving members continue to wow crowds with their daring on stage antics and unique blend of Ska-Pop-Disco-Cheese.

Not to be missed!


Leading Serbian Roma violinist Branko Ristic  and English Faith Ristic perform virtuosic original Roma-influenced music

The duo met in Branko’s Romani village in 2009, and – with music as their only tool for communication – began their journey. Their album album ‘Gypsy Lover’ was placed in the top 10 World Music Charts.  From a foundation of ‘Serbian-Roma’ music, Faith i Branko have created a style that draws from both of their musical heritages and expresses their unique personal connection. 

“Le Swing” bring their unique blend of female vocal, acoustic and electric jazz guitars, double bass and occasional trumpet to Chalfest to perform a set of American Songbook classics and French Cafe Music all delivered in their gypsy jazz inspired style.

Le Swing feature the vocals of Chalford based Helen Marshall , with Dave Roach on acoustic jazz guitar, Phil Harris on electric jazz guitar and the newly appointed Peter Martin on double bass.

The band members are all seasoned local musicians, each with their own rich and varied tale of performing, each with their own eclectic mix of inspirations and influences, each bringing their own musical personality to the band’s sound.

African Sambistas are a community samba band from Bristol. With talented percussionists playing infectious rythyms, there is no way you can keep from moving! Scorching hot grooves instantly transport you to sunnier climes, where shoulders are shimmied, hips are loosened and inhibitions are shed. Groove, move and samba!

The Shaggy Dog Raconteurs are an original 4-piece Folk-American/Blues/Alt-Countr Rooted by their influences in Blues, Jazz, acoustic Americana and Soul, the quartet are forging a musical path all their own. The collaboration of Guitarist  Bill (Billdog) , Bassist Duncan Birch , Mandolinist   Matt (Mattley)  and percussionist  Brendan (Old Yella Dog)  is built upon a common dedication to the craft of songwriting, unifying the poetic ease of their lyrics with unforgettable melodies, harmonies, articulate bass and unifying percussion.


New for Chalfest 2020 will be this exclusive local event on the evening of Friday July 17th.