At a glance

Main Stage

Seb is one of the most recognised DJs across the globe, with residencies at some of the biggest clubs such as Ministry of Sound and Cream, as well as being a presenter on Radio 1 and KISS FM.
Expect a mix of house music classics with uplifting summer vibes.
Under his various aliases (Freestylers, Sol Brothers, D.J. Bomba) revered DJ / Producer Andrew Galea has amassed a string of chart hits and awards, remixed artists such as Rihanna and Britney Spears and played at some of the biggest club nights all over the world.

Lisa Unique has secured her position as one of the UK’s premier female DJs, with her added ability to read music heightening her sense of timing, beat matching and building a set. With DJ sets cover a wide range of genres, Lisa is enjoyed by audiences of thousands at clubs & events across the world for high profile brands such as Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Glastonbury, V Festival, Nike, Miami Winter Music Conference.

A DJ based in Westbury, UK but pretty much playing all over the country on occasion. Gh0sty has supported the likes of Dreadzone, Lab4 and others, playing regularly at Ripsnorter and various other parties and festivals. His basic premise is if it makes the floor move and he can get it in he’ll play it. DJing since 1984 and he’s still loving it now!!!

John Green Stage

The Cash Cows are International Musicians & charming, debonair gents reworking favourite songs from the last Century. Their repertoire covers everything from Gershwin to Oasis, Bob Dylan to Beyoncé, Rod Stewart to Ricky Martin, & Elvis to S Club 7. Their music is happily difficult to categorise and playfully impossible to predict but they come with a solid gold guarantee of good times and a very long trail of happy, dancing audiences in their wake.

Playing by special appointment with their 5 piece petit party orchestra their Chalfest show is not one to be missed.

An urban shipwreck waiting to happen! Unshackled by authenticity; worried by water; a rum powered musical carnage !  And be aware, they are on the hunt for backing singers to press gang for this gig. There will be rum, of that there is no doubt.

A West Country based live band who play reinterpretations of dance music classics from the 90’s to now. Our sets feature tracks from legendary artistes including The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, Ultra Nate, The Chemical Brothers, Baby D and many more


The brainchild of Spanish music legend Kostka Garcia, Loki burst on to the vibrant Chalford Hill music scene after winning Chalfest’s Got Talent in 2019.
Covid lockdown hit hard however and they were forced to cancel an Arena tour of Bisley and Oakridge. To make matters worse Wilf’s voice broke.
They are looking forward to returning to Chalfest to dial the rock up to 11. When not worshipping at the temple of metal, they enjoy looking surly, mumbling and being embarrassed by their parents.


Joe Dymond first picked up a pair of turntables in the early 90s. With a passion for playing upfront music, Joe has played in many clubs and parties around the country from the Escape Club to Fantazia. Expect some bouncing progressive house and techno.

Jamie Rainbow has been Djing for over 30 years playing House, Breaks & Old Skool. He loves creating his own edits/remixes & writing his own tracks. Jamie ran numerous club nights & record shop/ labels and was heavily involved in the free party scene. Recently won a national Dj comp & supported Ian Ossia.


Playing records in bedrooms and back-rooms since the mid-90s, Chris regularly wows 10’s of people with his love of deep house, American garage and other discoesque cuts!

This DJ will play some house party “classics” along with everything else from cutting edge “HipHop to RnB Dancehall n DnB” with maybe a light sprinkling of “cheddar cheese”, with a swift kick of bassline house.

“If it’s Phat and Heavy it gets a play!”

He’s also not afraid to make you cry! As well as dance your pants off! 

Kids Tent