Thank You!

For supporting us for the last six years

Chalfest Community Tickets Terms and Conditions

Hi folks
We want as many of you lovely community people to attend as possible so please follow these rules below when buying your tickets. All tickets are valid for July 19th and 20th 2024. Community tickets will go on sale on September 28th at 8am and will be on sale for 6 weeks only. If you have friends or family visiting please make sure they buy general tickets.

  • Community tickets are only available for people that live in Chalford parish and Eastcombe or attend a primary school there (Bussage, Eastcombe or Chalford Hill)
  • You can only buy tickets for the people that permanently live in your home and can prove it
  • You can buy 2 adult community or over 65 year old tickets per household
  • You can also buy additional youth tickets for 12 to 16 year olds
  • All under 11s come free but please make sure you get a ticket for your little ones (even babies)
  • Please email  if you have more people in your home that you believe qualify for that qualify for community tickets after you have bought the two that you are allowed.
  • Please also email us if you live outside of the catchment area for community tickets but you have a child that attends Bussage, Eastcombe or Chalford Hill Schools as your child and their immediate family that lives with them will be eligible for community tickets.
  • If you live outside of the community catchment area and have a child that attends TK THEY will be eligible for concessionary tickets. Parents and families of those children will have to pay full price. We will be visiting TK in February next year to manage the ticket sales to pupils from outside of the area
  • Teachers that work at these schools are also entitled to community tickets and need to email us
  • The card you use to buy your tickets must be registered to your address
  • Adult tickets are £20 plus booking fee
  • 12 – 16 year old tickets are £15 plus booking fee
  • Over 65 year old tickets are £15 plus booking fee
  • Under 11s go free
  • There will be no refunds on any tickets.
  • Everyone needs a ticket – even babies
  • If you are found to have falsely obtained community tickets your entire order will be cancelled with no refund
  • And most importantly here is your link for tickets

Now that’s all of the rules explained, start planning your fun days out xxx

Places to stay

We have Westley Farm, an amazing glamping site nearby so check out their site

Clean & Green

Chalfest aspires to be a sustainable event, following the same ‘Leave no Trace’ principles of bigger festivals and in certain comparisons doing better!

Transport is already minimal as most attendees live locally; a shuttle bus will bring in others from further afield. Catering suppliers are local too, with many food and drink products made locally.

This year we are using compostable beer cups. This is in response to the large queues experienced at the bars in 2019. Staff will be prepouring your drinks to ensure speedy service but feel free to decant these into your Chalfest cup when you get back to your seating/standing/dancing area

Water will be on site to wash your mugs if needed. By all means bring a refillable coffee mug of your own.

We are following the Stroud model of recycling so please do not put your food containers in the food waste bins. Mixed recycling bins will be sorted by the waste management team once they get back to the depot.

Thank you for ensuring this event remains as sustainable as possible x