We have very fond memories of Chalfest 2018 – all the charm of a small, local festival but with slick organisation, great production and an up-for-it mixed crowd all tucked away in what seemed like a secret magical kingdom ! Let’s hope we can get back to that place again soon…


Love Chalfest! Great crowds with a perfect community feel and the loudest shouters of Bogies in the land! We have always found it to be well organised behind the scenes and they always have a great line up, mixing well known acts with local bands, dance troops and choirs. We’re looking forward to returning in 2021 – Stay safe all! 


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Our Ethos

We believe in bringing our community together, Chalfest aims to promote a real sense of community identity in the areas of Chalford and Eastcombe through this unique event. Chalfest is a not for profit community interest company and has been organised entirely by the good hearted volunteers in the community. Feel free to get involved (go to our contact page to volunteer) and become part of this amazing experience.

We have four main aims

◆ To have all of the individuals and community groups working as one to both plan and implement the event. This way not only is there ‘something for everyone’ but we all get to learn from others around us

◆ To promote the community groups to allow them to fundraise as well as grow in public awareness, membership and support. This is achieved by giving community groups a free pitch at Chalfest to do as they will and from which they will keep all the proceeds

◆ To teach skills and compliment studies for people of all ages. We have had art students create awesome decor, cookery students help plan the food demo tent, young people on work experience or older people passing on invaluable knowledge

◆ To create a superb, fun and exciting event that we can all enjoy and of which we can all be truly proud

Would you like to volunteer?

Chalfest is only as good as the people that get involved. We are biased, but if you can spare a few hours before during or after the event, you will enjoy it all the more. We need people from now on. You may have skills in administration, art, plumbing, all or none of the above. Everyone is made to feel welcome so please Come join us (If nothing else you get to hear all the gossip first)

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