Mothers Union

Our strap line is: Christian care for families worldwide.

There are 4 milliion members in 83 countries.  In Gloucestershire there are 43 branches (France Lynch being one of them) which meet on a regular basis and bring a variety of practical help and support to their parish and community.  Each branch is founded on prayer & fellowship with fun being an important item on the agenda. Funds raised at Chalfest will go to the Away From It All fund which pays for families under stress to get away on holiday.  Other local practical help includes running parenting courses, providing a creche at prisons during visiting hours, knitting clothes for premature babies.  Worldwide projects include the Literacy & Financial Education programme.

France Lynch MU branch was started in 1984 and meets every month, usually in a member’s home.  There are currently 11 members but we are very keen to increase our local membership.  If you are interested on joining, please contact Jane Calvert (01453 731054) or Barbara Collins (01453 887326)

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