France Lynch Church Rooms (Hall on the Hill)

France Lynch Church Rooms (Hall on the Hill) reaches the grand old age of 150 in 2018 yet continues to provide an incredible range of entertainment and activities as well as being a popular community facility for all age groups.

The Committee has recently embarked on an exciting project to bring their toilet facilities up to date and 'fit for purpose'.  This will also see greatly improved disabled access and a larger, more welcoming entrance. Whilst our current toilets are woefully inadequate we know there are people around the world without even the most basic sanitation.  As part of our fundraising we'll also be supporting Toilet Twinning, which provides clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education.

Look out for posters around the village and in The Herald to see ‘what’s on’ and we hope you will come along and join in the fun. Don’t forget to come and visit our traditional village fete games at Chalfest.